15 Amazing Facts About Mastiffs For Those Who Are Going To Adopt The Dog

#7 Exercise is a must, but you should be attentive😉

Try to avoid stressful activities until about 18-24 months of age. Don’t force your dog for long walks and jumping over different hurdles.

#8 They are a bit “gassy”

Sometimes it can bother. Mastiffs can snore, slobber and drool. So, these dogs are not for those who need a tidy household.

#9 Looking for a therapy dog? Then Mastiff is the right choice!❤

They can become great friends for every person and help to cope with some mental problems.

#10 They are imposing watchdogs😉

If you need a great watchdog this breed is right for you!

#11 These dogs have a sleek easy-care coat😍

But they shed all year-round. So, you shouldn’t adopt this dog if you have an allergy.

#12 They may be a little destructive

But, in most cases, it is possible only when they are puppies or left alone for a long time.