16 Funny Pictures Showing What Mastiffs Do During The Coronavirus Quarantine

Today there is a pandemic of COVID-19 and we have to stay home for our safety. So we offer you to get a charge of positive! Look at the following Mastiffs and get a daily portion of positive.😀😉

#1 The day of the declared quarantine: Wow! We`ll have fun!😉😋😏

#2 Day 1 of the isolation: Don’t worry, sweetheart! We will stay home with you!

#3 Day 2: I have great news for you! You can`t have COVID-19, friend.

#4 Day 3: I heard people are sick and I’m here to save the day. Now I`m going to measure your body`s temperature.

#5 Day 4: I don’t care, I’m not moving! The fridge is mine only!

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