15 Funny Pictures Showing How Huskies Spend the Quarantine Time

This time is really hard for all of us 😔 but we have to stay home for our safety.

But our dogs are happy for this time and there are several reasons for that: owners are at home 24/7, they cook a lot, ready to hug and play. What can be better for your fur babies?😀😉😊🤗

#1 No selfies, please!! I haven’t visited my groomer for 3 weeks!😱😱😱

#2 It is unlikely for a dog to get COVID-19, so why should I wear this mask?😠😷

#3 That feeling when you were ready for quarantine 5 minutes ago but now you`re not so sure..😁 😂 🤣.

#4 It`s very important to support each other, even if it means wearing masks.

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