15 Interesting Facts About Boston Terriers

Boston Terriers are one of America’s favorite breeds.

#1 The state of Massachusetts loved this breed so much that they made it their state dog.

#2 The official mascot of Boston University is none other than, Rhett the Boston Terrier.

#3 Boston Terriers have been seen hanging around many famous humans, including a few former presidents of the USA.

#4 These dogs are bred to be a hardy breed that is incredibly intelligent.

#5 Boston Terriers are no stranger to the limelight and have been owned by several popular celebrities over the years.

The famous musician Louis Armstrong owned a Boston Terrier named General. The breed has also made its way into the hearts of American reality show host Alison Sweeney.

#6 Boston Terriers deserve a place in the U.S. history books thanks to there all American heritage.

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