15 Books About Boston Terriers. Part 1.

Do you want to learn more about your pet and get closer to it? Let’s start to read a list of literature that will help in this.

#1 “Boston Terriers: Everything about Purchase, Care, Nutrition, Breeding, Behavior, and Training”(1994) by Susan Bulanda.

#2 “The Official Book of the Boston Terrier” (1998) by Muriel P. Lee.

#3 “Boston Terriers For Dummies” (2011) by Wendy Bedwell-Wilson.

#4 “Boston Terrier and Boston Terriers: Boston Terrier Total Guide Boston Terrier, Boston Terrier Puppies, Boston Terriers, Boston Terrier Dogs, Boston Terrier Training, Breeders, Health & More!” (2018) by Susanne Saben.

#5 “The Boston Terrier and All About It: A Practical, Scientific, and Up to Date Guide to the Breeding of the American Dog” (2020) by Edward Axtell.

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