18 Hilarious German Shepherd Pictures Showing The Difference Between Expectations vs. Reality of Staying Home In Quarantine Period

Some people consider the coronavirus quarantine measures as vacations😏. But the reality is not so kind. So let`s see how German Shepherds imagined the month of staying home with their humans and the cruel reality they faced.🤩😰

#1 Day 1: Expectations

We`ll stay together next month. I`m so excited! 😍😍😍

#3 Day 7: Expectations

Mommy will stay with me, we`ll watch TV together.🤩

#4 Day 7: Reality

Why do you have to work from home? It's not fear!😔

#5 Day 7: Expectations

Mom, you look so funny in this mask!😁😂🤣

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