2020 Christmas Ornament For Us All To Remember

A woman from Canada makes unique and creative Christmas ornaments, it’s a dog pooping with the year 2020. 

Allana Wadhwani as the designer said that it all started as a favor to a friend of hers, who wanted a custom Christmas ornament that reflected the “poopy” nature of 2020. Then she came up with a dog squatting over a pile of poop with the year 2020.


“When you situate it in a tree, it looks pretty funny,” she said. “2020 has been an ‘it happens’ kind of year.” 

She said she designed the ornament as per the customer’s request, but since she posted online the ornament design became popular and many people were ordering not just one ornament, but they were ordering 10 to 12 ornaments, she said. 

Wadhwani said that she thinks people love the ornament design since it represents the difficulty of this year because of the pandemic.


Since the request is increasing, she cannot do it all by herself. Now with the help of his husband and three of her sons, they are busy making the dog ornaments, assembling them at a dining table, along with a new cat-inspired design in a similar vein.

“We’ve got a factory going,” Wadhwani laughed.

And lastly, “Hopefully the pandemic won’t come back and we won’t have to make any new ones for 2021,” Wadhwani said.

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