A Christmas Miracle! A Dog Reunited After 8 Years

Christmas does not only bring joy and happiness, but it also brings miracles. Julia Nemeth lost her dog in 2012 during a home invasion, now reunited with Junior, her lost pitbull terrier mix who just returned after 8 years.

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After losing her dog, Julia never gave up on him. She keeps searching for Junior and also looking through the internet. She was worried that something worse might happen to him. She really care about him because she took care of Junior since he was a puppy and trained him many things including hand signals to communicate.

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During her loss, Julia found a clue about where Junior was, but he was adopted by another family at that time. In fact, Junior was adopted several times to different families over the years but none of them were fit, according to Humane society. 

Until one day in the mid of December, Julia found a dog’s picture in the shelter that looks like her lost dog several years ago, and called the shelter right away. 

She took all of her family to the shelter with her. When they got there, Julia knew and sure that was Junior and he hasn’t changed so much. 

Source: news5cleveland

And surprisingly, Junior licked her face even to obey the hand signals that she had taught him years ago, “said Julia”. 

Sometimes, I still couldn’t believe if it’s real and kept asking my husband to pinch me, said Julia. Now they are living together, and Junior plays with Julia’s children and bonding together. And this Christmas would be a special Christmas for Julia since she got what precious to her that she lost for years.  

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