25+ Famous Sheep Names | Famous Names From Movies, TV Shows, & Books

Discover our list of the most popular sheep names from movies, TV shows, cartoons, and even books as our references. These name ideas could be fit if you have a flock of sheep around your farm.

famous sheep from movies, books, and tv shows

Famous Sheep Names

Famous sheep names
Larry the Lamb BBC radio fame
Bellweather Zootopia
Pete the Sheep Book by Jackie French
Meryl Sheep Pun of Meryl Streep
Lance Corporal Derby (The Highest-Ranking Sheep in the British Army)
Dolly (The First Mammal Cloned from an Adult Cell)
Derek the Sheep
Woolter and Jesse Zootopia
Shirley Shaun the Sheep
Timmy Shaun the Sheep
Mrs. Sheep Lambert the Sheepish Lion
Shaun Shaun the Sheep
Montauciel (Aviation Pioneer)
Hazel Shaun the Sheep
Methuselina World’s oldest sheep
Derby Highest-ranking sheep in the British Armed Forces
Nuts Shaun the Sheep
Doug Zootopia
Lambie Doc McStuffins
Sheep Word World
Samuel the Sheep Charlotte’s Web
Lucky World’s oldest sheep
Billy and Gruff Toy Story
Shrek (The Fugitive Merino)
Mr. Woolensworth (Chicken Little)
Russell the Sheep Book by Rob Scotton

If you like these famous sheep names, then you’ll also love our funny sheep names where you can view hilarious ideas for naming a sheep. Other than that, we also have girl sheep names and boy sheep names if you’re looking for a gender-specific name.

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