Best Ways To Name A Monkey – Cute, Funny, & Famous Monkey Names


Monkeys are one of the popular animals. Though monkeys are a rare primate animal, people like to pet them. They are known for their intelligence and funny acts. You still can find them all over the world in different shapes, sizes, and colors since there are 260 types of monkeys. 

So if you have a monkey as your pet, it would be great to give them an incredible name. And in this article, we will suggest some ideas for a monkey name.

Famous Monkey Names From Disney


Believe it or not, there are a lot of famous monkey names primarily from Disney and other movies. One of them would be “Abu” which I’m sure you know which animated movie that name came from. So check our list of over 70 cute and cool monkey names inspired by Disney!

Famous Monkey Names


Now, we wouldn’t want to suggest monkey name ideas from Disney movies only. We also covered many other famous monkey names from pop culture or movies with monkeys that you might’ve forgotten about like “Spike” from Ace Ventura. Rings a bell? Check out the 30+ other famous monkey names to get a recap.

Funny Monkey Names


Sometimes we see funny videos of monkeys surfacing the internet. So we can’t help but create a list of funny monkey names to humor you and your new pet monkey when coming up with the best monkey names.


What is a good name for a monkey?

There are lots of good monkey names like Boo or Chimp. Or you can use Milo as well since it is a common name for a monkey. 

What is a male monkey name?

You can consider a male monkey name like Monty or Hunky. Though we like Ape better because it is also the name of a monkey’s species. 

What is a female monkey name?

Anie or Nia would be the perfect female monkey name if you have one. Or you can use Kye since it rhymes with their sound when they speak. 


Monkeys are the best pet, though it is not recommended to have one since it’s a rare kind of animal. But if you have one, you must be lucky since monkeys like to play and have high intelligence, though sometimes they like to do many funny and silly things that will make you laugh.  We also have a monkey name generator to help find the best monkey names instead of going through an endless number of lists.

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