120+ Names Meaning ‘Sheep’: The Best Names for Your Flock

Do you have a flock of sheep? If so, you need to give them names! Here are over 120 names that mean ‘sheep.’

Sheep is important for wool today and is occasionally raised for pelts, as dairy animals, or as model organisms for science.

Whether you’re looking for a sheep name that is cute or tough, we’ve got you covered. So, without further ado, here are the best names meaning ‘sheep!’

names meaning sheep

Here are the best names that mean ‘sheep’ from other languages. You could easily say ‘sheep’ now in another language!

Best Names That Mean Sheep

Best Names That Mean Sheep
  • Brettlee
  • Sheili
  • Ågun
  • Raqwan
  • Raemarie
  • Danilee
  • Rayshawna
  • Quinlee
  • Sheyli
  • Yamilee
  • Noralee
  • Raychelle
  • Shipton
  • Shipley
  • Sherma
  • Cordero
  • Tylerlee
  • Ratasha
  • Raelynn
  • Rachel
  • Agness
  • Brooklee
  • Jordanlee
  • Agnes
  • Sherline
  • Rakell
  • Vernalee
  • Janelee
  • Tangelia
  • Christielee
  • Agvaldr
  • Agilhard
  • Loralee
  • Raqueal
  • Annabellelee
  • Thailee
  • Rauri
  • Jimmylee
  • Sheli
  • Raechel
  • Sheply
  • Ægileif
  • Agnarr
  • Britlee
  • Vereniz
  • Agnja
  • Rayetta
  • Raquael
  • Afridh
  • ÁgæiRR
  • Vickilee
  • Raleen
  • Brittanylee
  • Raylyn
  • Jaimielee
  • Dianalee
  • Farlay
  • Raechelle
  • Ratzy
  • Brittley
  • Onnolee
  • Agi
  • Shellie
  • Raymart
  • Agvald

Names Meaning Sheep From Other Languages

Names Meaning Sheep From Other Languages
Chiem Khmer
Carneiro Portuguese
Tumaki Hausa
Ovtsa Russian
Sheps Yiddish
Naghag Maltese
Biri-biri Malay
Kharuf Arabic
Kindur Icelandic
Khoni Mongolian
Schaf German
Juh Hungarian
Agutan Yoruba
Idaha Somali
Ovis Latin
Sau Norwegian
Aturu Igbo
Ovce Bosnian
Oaie Romanian
Bhera Bangla
Atukal Tamil
Farlay Danish
Tupa Filipino
Aitas Latvian
Vivtsi Ukrainian
Gusfand Tajik
Yang Chinese
Pecuri Corsican
Bheda Punjabi
Lambas Estonian
Begi Amharic
Dele Albanian
Koyun Turkish
Qoy Kazakh
Yaj Hmong
Pez Kurdish
Domba Indonesian
Brebis French
Swahili Kondoo
Avis Lithuanian
Provato Greek
Mendhya Marathi
Krygyz Koy
Kurigalu Kannada
Hipa Hawaiian
Pecora Italian
Hitsuji Japanese
Bheda Nepali
Yang Korean
Gorre Telugu
Intama Kinyarwanda
Skape Afrikaans
Domba Sundanese
Schapen Dutch
Tshvari Georgian
Wedhus Javanese
Kae Lao
Mamoe Samoan
Lampaat Finnish
Atukal Malayalam
Ardiak Basque
Soe Burmese
Oveja Spanish
Vochkharner Armenian
Hipi Maori
Bhed Hindi

So if you’re looking for a name meaning sheep, we’ve got you covered. We have over 120 names that fall into this category, so there’s sure to be the perfect one for your little lamb.

And don’t worry – if none of these fit your fancy, we have plenty more where they came from. Check out our other posts on famous sheep names and cute sheep names or keep browsing our website for the perfect name for your new pet.

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