14 Interesting Facts About Pugs

Pugs are very popular dog breed in the world😉. Pugs have really soft temperament, they are friendly and playful, love children😘. That`s why Pugs are considered as the best dogs for family👌.

#1 Pug is one of the oldest dog breed

They are known from ancient times, there are some mentions of cropped dog in the ancient Indian epic Mahabharata.

#3 Pugs are called Imperial dogs

Dogs of this breed lived in the Imperial court during the Song Dynasty.

They had privileges and personal servants

#4 Now they looks the same as many centuries ago

As Pugs were Emperior dogs and were cultivated, the purity of the breed was kept.

#5 In XVI century first Pugs came to Europe

France was the first country where Pugs melt people hearts.

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