14 Cool Photos Of Corgis That You Want To Borrow Charisma From Them

Corgis are cute little dogs that are friendly, energetic, funny and one of the most popular dog breeds in the United State. Corgis used to be a herding dog before, but today, they are mostly for family pets ever since they became the love of the royal family.

Welsh Corgi are small shepherd dogs from Wales, which have long and firmly taken their place in the hearts of dog lovers from all over the world, and are even the beloved dogs of the British royal family🐶💕👸🏽Yes, and how not to love them?❤️This is simply impossible! And if you are still in doubt, then these 14 photos will certainly be able to convince you that Corgis are extremely funny and charismatic creatures😂🐶

#2 All the dogs looked at the ball. Something is wrong with me😂🐶🤪

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