15 Akita Inu Nutrition Tips That You Should Know To Take Care of Your Dog

Akita Inu is confident, possesses high intelligence and excellent hunting qualities. 🐕They are also very attached to their masters and become companions for many years. In order for the dog to remain healthy, you need to properly approach the issue of its nutrition. This is one of the most important components of your pet’s well-being.💕

#1 When compiling a diet, you should remember that this is a Japanese breed dog.

The more “pure blood” there is in a dog, the more its diet should include Asian dishes - rice, fish, potatoes, barley.

#2 Excessive intake of protein foods should not be allowed.

This can lead to allergic reactions in the form of dermatitis or digestive problems: you need to give preference to fish rather than meat.

#3 Akita Inu is very picky about food.

Genetically, they do not have a “love” for those dishes that most dogs love. This refers to beef, pork, chicken or turkey.

#5 Akita Inu used to eat healthy and light foods that do not contain dyes and preservatives.

This matches their lifestyle and helps them stay fit.

#6 Dogs of this breed are allergic.

They may be allergic to many foods that are familiar to other dog breeds. For example, turkey, chicken, beef, dairy products, especially fatty, corn, wheat, oats.

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