15 Akita Inu Nutrition Tips That You Should Know To Take Care of Your Dog

#7 It is worth saying about the American variety of Akita Inu.

They are almost no different from ordinary dogs and can eat cereals, meat, fruits, and vegetables.

#9 Watch the cleanliness of the bowls from which the dog drinks and eats.

#10 Akita Inu loves the meat of wild animals – elk, venison, roe deer.🦌

#11 The nutrition of a puppy and an adult dog is fundamentally different.

When a puppy grows, he needs to consume a lot of calcium for growth and development, his food should be more nutritious and satisfying.

#12 It is necessary to give fish at least twice a week, even if the dog does not really love her.

Serving size should be calculated so that it is a double portion of meat.

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