Why I Love Adopting Shelter Dogs And You Will Too

#6 I could mess up many things in your house, is it okay for you?

All shelters trained all of their animals behavior. But, due to a large amount of the animal, it’s kind of hard. And also, sometimes the dogs in the shelter have been trained before by their previous owner. But make sure to keep training them, since they don’t know about the rules in your house. 

#7 Will you take me for a walk and exercise?

You need to take your dog for a walk to keep them healthy. All dogs need to be trained even if it’s just a walks three times a week

#8 Do you think I’m bad because I’m in a shelter?

Not all the dogs that end up in the shelter have bad behaviors, but mostly it is due to housing issues. And the most common is moving into a new building that doesn’t allow any pet. 

#9 Do you care about my breed?

Most people are looking for the cutest breed to take their homes. But in some cases, many people guess the wrong breed. So, rather than choosing a dog based on their breed, whether they are purebred or mixed breed, you should see them as individuals based on their behavior. 

#10 Do you consider me as your new family?

Some dogs in the shelter have been rescued from abuse and neglect. They have lived an unhappy life before, but they deserve to be happy with your family and they will be loyal companions for your family. 

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