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10+ Funny fat dog memes

My dog is not fat… just big boned!  Well perhaps they could use a little weight hehe 

As a dog parent, we all know that we should be taking care of your dog so they are as healthy as possible. This should include no snacks from the table, multiple walks a day, and hit the doggy park as much as possible.  

But have you seen how cute they are acting for food?

Or acting for that second helping.    

“Please I want more to eat” 

When your food tastes so much better 

But look at how cute they look   

But this article is not to tell you what you should do, about how you should walk more, or what to eat… instead we want to focus on the fluffier side.  

Plus I take insults to my dogs more personally than I do myself.

10+ Funniest Fat Dog Memes To Make You Smile 🙂

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