8 Helpful Ways on How To Choose A New Pups Name

If you have recently got a new puppy, then a big congratulations! You are officially a pet parent now! That means you definitely care a lot about animals or pets and are willing to do anything for them which includes feeding them, playing fetch with them, and spoiling them with the best accessories.

But naming your new furry friend could be tough sometimes whenever we search for ideas with loads of lists available on the internet. This often gives us the dilemma or dilemmas on what is the best dog names out there which is a great fit for your pup.

So, here are a few tips on how to choose your new pup’s name.

1. Know Their Gender – Male or Female

Of course, whenever we get a new pet, we determine whether they are a boy or a girl. To choose your pet’s name you should be sure about their sex. It makes it easier to choose when you know their gender. We have a countless list of the best dog names for male and female dog names too that would help. 

2. What Is Your Dog’s Personality?

Another trait that makes it easier to pick a name for your pet is based on their personality. You have to check what your pup is like and how they act to the environment around him/her. If they are mischievous, you can choose “Puck“ or “ Happy” if they are joyful. Other personalities could be shy, goofy, cuddly, strong, smart, or many others. You can also choose based on their color like Blacky, Greeny, Browny, etc.

3. Get Some Life Inspirations

The most common thing to choosing a pet name is getting ideas from things that inspire you in life. You can pick your dog’s name based on movies or TV shows you have watched, such as Leonardo, Donatello, Michaelangelo, Raphael (Ninja Turtle), Rango, Buddy (Air Bud), Hachiko (Hachi: A Dog’s Tale), Tom (Tom and Jerry), etc. Also, you can get inspiration from your favorite superhero, book, or video game.

4. Avoid Negative Connotation

Names with negative connotations like Killer, Fang, etc. might give your pet a disadvantage towards others. People would like to respond negatively towards negative names, consciously, or unconsciously. So you should avoid any negative connotation when naming your pet or it’ll damage your pet’s reputation. 

5. Avoid Choosing Similar Names Used By Other Pets

Be as original as you can! Make sure to use a unique name for your pets that is dissimilar from other pets. Names like Bailey or Frank could be used over 1000 times. Naming a pet with a similar name would be confusing when you call them along with other pets in the area.

6. Avoid Changing Your Pet’s Name Too Often

It is not necessary to give a new name to your pet as the years go by. Stick with the first name you gave them. It would confuse them if you changed their name too often. It might happen when you named them the first time you got them, and find another cute name later on. So sticking with one name for your pet is very important.

7. Pick a Name From Another Language

Naming your pet using another language would be very unique and dissimilar to another’s pet name. A pet name with another language should always have a meaning and that’s the fun part to it.  Like Tova (Swedish for beautiful), Ainmire (Irish for mighty lord), Gi (Korean for brave), or even Dakshi (Indian for “The Glorious”).

8. Search Online for the Best Dog Names

The best thing we have right now is the internet. We can find anything we want including the pet’s name. It only takes a couple of seconds and you’ll find a cute name for your new pup depending on your taste. Even in Petpress, you can search for specific dogs breed names such as the best pitbull names, and other categories like small dog names, big dog names, and many other choices you can come up with! 

If you need help in getting the best name for your pet dog, try out our Dog Name Generator where you will be asked several questions about your dog and the best result will come out for you at the end. Also, we have our list of the 10 best dog names articles that are preferred by our website visitors that could help you.

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