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Reported Scammer:

This puppy scammer has been reported to us by our PetPress community members.  We have included information from that person that shows what their experience was and redacted any private information.

Company Name of Scammer: Miniature German shepherd puppies for sale
Scammers Website: Miniature German shepherd puppies for sale
Name of Scammer Used: mariah mitchell, Leslie brambila,
Email Address Used: [email protected]; [email protected], [email protected],[email protected]
Scammer’s Physical Address: No
How did you Pay: Zelle
Details about the Scam: I was just scammed by a website on Facebook. miniature German shepherd. I gave her the price for the puppy and agreed to meet “It should have been a red flag there” at Walmart.

Then she needed money for puppy insurance on AKC (1000 with refund the next morning) then 600 for getting a city permit (I have no idea what that was about) She stated it was so I would get the 1000 refund.

By and by since I didn’t pay the 600, she cancelled my purchase. I also cancelled and requested all my money back.

HOWEVER, she couldn’t pay me back because she didn’t have the money. I couldn’t believe it. I trusted her and got totally screwed. The puppy I was getting was a Miniature German Shepherd here in NE only 60 minutes from Omaha.

Also, be careful they have a site for Great Pyrenees puppies. I have learned not to buy on Facebook. verify email addresses.

How much: $1700

Have you had any experience with Miniature German shepherd puppies for sale? Give a thumbs up if you have been scammed. They are just one of many that have been reported on our puppy scammers list.

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