The Horrible Hundred Report from the Humane Society about Puppy Mills in the United States [2021]

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The Humane Society just released a report on puppy mills in the United States. The report is called “The Horrible Hundred“.

The report is about the inspections of over 100 kennels confirmed the fact about the puppy mill that dogs were living in overcrowded, squalid conditions without adequate veterinary care or food while suffering from serious untreated medical problems such as open wounds, broken bones which had healed at awkward angles on their own rather than been properly set by a vet.

The dogs also suffer from protruding eyeballs (in one case covered up because an infected eyelid couldn’t be opened), a severe dental disease so bad some teeth fell out when animal control officers went into the home under court order, massive mammary tumors hanging off chests like udders, urinary tract infections never treated causing urine scalding down legs and feet, and their coats were infested with vermin.

Why does Humane Society of The United States (HSUS) Share this report?

The HSUS has goals of:

  • To let puppy buyers know about problem sellers, especially those who sell online or buy a puppy online through pet stores, where the operations are hidden from public view.
  • To demand government agencies, such as the USDA and state regulators, to enforce oversight obligations.
  • Improve Dog Law Enforcement. In order to improve humane law enforcement and oversight agencies, the government must properly fund these agencies.
  • To encourage policy-makers to support more effective rules and laws that protect dogs.

To provide consumers with information to make smarter and more humane purchase decisions (such as choosing a dog from a local shelter or rescue organization).

HSUS wants to let potential dog buyers know about problem sellers, especially those who sell online or through pet stores.

Which dog breeders are involved with the puppy mills according to the HSUS report?

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HSUS has been investigated the treatment of puppies at facilities around the United States, and they have also visited some breeders to check if their practices are humane.

After running a check through 16 states, HSUS identified the following parties affiliated with puppy mills:

Arkansas: 2 dealers

  • Margaret Manning/ Mannings Kennels, Pocahontas, Arkansas
  • Teresa Taylor /Taylor’s Puppy Boutique, Harriet, Arkansas

Georgia: 5 dealers

  • Kathryn Barber / K-Bar Kennel, Patterson, Georgia
  • James Cliett / Triple C Kennel, Jacksonville, Georgia
  • Tonya Lewis / Tonya’s Tiny Companions, East Dublin, Georgia
  • Sandra and Donald Smith / D & S Critter Farm, Covington, Georgia
  • Constance (Connie) Whigham / Connie’s Siberian Huskies, Thomasville, Georgia

Illinois: 4 dealers

  • Teresa Heaver / Kabeara Kennels aka Kabeara Samoyeds, Lockport, Illinois
  • Martha Pearce / The Puppy Patch, Clay City, Ilinois
  • Javin Raber and David Raber / Walnut Valley Puppies, Flat Rock, Ilinois
  • Jennifer Schlueter / Schlueter Kennel, Walsh, Illinois

Indiana: 6 dealers

  • Floyd Borntrager / Kuntry Lane Kennel, Salem, Indiana
  • John Graber, Marie Graber and Lewis Graber, Grabill, Indiana
  • Enos Miller / Pigeon River Pups and All Star Family Pets, Shipshewana, Indiana
  • Jacque Minicus, Star City, Indiana
  • Becky and Rex Rosenberger / Clearview Basset Farm, Brookville, Indiana
  • Steven Yoder, Lagrange, Indiana

Iowa: 11 dealers

  • Ricky and Mary Brodersen / Mystical (Cockers), Kiron, Iowa
  • Ruth (Ruthie) Ewoldt / Furkids, Toronto, Iowa
  • Connie and Harold Johnson / Furbabies Forever (formerly CW’s Quaint Critters), Melvin, Iowa
  • Steve Kruse / Stonehenge Kennel, West Point, Iowa
  • Kurt and Hollie Pille, Saint Anthony, Iowa
  • Chris and Tammy Riddle / 6R Uplands Kennel, Gilman, Iowa
  • Tim Shimek / Shimek’s AKC Siberian Huskys [sic], Waucoma, Iowa
  • Henry Sommers / Happy Puppys [sic], Cincinnati, Iowa
  • Vickie Ubben, Milo, Iowa
  • Charles Vogl / SCW Frenchies, Atlantic, Iowa
  • Anita Wikstrom / Unforgettable Schnauzers, Ames, Iowa

Kansas: 7 dealers

  • Lewis Bloom / Bloom’s Kennels, Clay Center, Kansas
  • Debra Deters / Double D Blacktop Kennel (formerly De Jas Kennel), Centralia, Kansas
  • Rebecca Eiler / Creek Side Kennel, Oberlin, Kansas
  • Brandon Hillyard, Christina Hillyard, and Gale Whitaker / Whispering Oaks Kennel, Coffeyville, Kansas
  • Linda Kent / Eclipses Kennel, Elgin, Kansas
  • Michelle Miller / Plum Krazy Kennel, Elk City, Kansas
  • Samuel and Summer Roman / Tree of Life Kennels, aka Arise Up, LLC, (formerly Doggy Tyme Kennel), Conway Springs, Kansas

Kentucky: 1 dealer

  • Sharon (Sherri) M. Richards, aka Sharon Lambrecht, Webster and Irvington, Kentucky

Minnesota: 1 dealer

  • Kim Seiler aka Kim Baartman, Viking Silver Labs, Tracy, Minnesota

Missouri: 21 dealers

  • Josh Bateman / Transport Central, J&K Puppies LLC and Puppy Travelers (formerly Bateman Diversified), Neosho, Missouri
  • Kevin Beauchamp / Beauchamp’s Puppy World, Lebanon, Missouri
  • Dan Berhorst and Betty Berhorst / Cloudy Day Lane LLC, Vienna, Missouri
  • Deanna Brundage, Mercer, Missouri
  • Sally L. Culver / Culver Lane Kennel, Hartville, Missouri
  • Sherry J. Curtis / Curtis Kennel, Urbana, MissouriTeresa Fox / Meadowstar Kennel, Macomb, Missouri
  • Teresa Fox / Meadowstar Kennel, Macomb, Missouri
  • Karen Jones / J Kennels aka L.V.S. Kennel, Wheeling, Missouri
  • Sandra Kozlowski / Sho Me Labradors, St. James, Missouri
  • Earl R. Light / Corn Creek Kennel, Newburg, Missouri
  • Laurie Lund / Cridder Creek Kennel, Weaubleau, Missouri
  • David Miller and Kay Miller or Darin Miller/ David Miller Kennel, Oronogo, Missouri
  • Tom Nelson / Oakridge Pets (aka Oak Ridge Pets), Macon, Missouri
  • Keith Plymell / Windsong Kennels, Pattonsburg, Missouri
  • Carol and Gary Prothe / Carol’s Kennel, Urbana, Missouri
  • Amanda “Mandy” Ratcliffe / Puppy Love Boutique, Gladstone, Missouri
  • Rachael and Vernon Reiff / Pleasant Hill Pets, Barnett, Missouri
  • Marilyn Shepherd aka Marilyn Williams / Cedercrest Kennel aka Pup4U, Ava, Missouri
  • Marjorie Walker-Price / Price’s Pets, Niangua, Missouri
  • Sarah Webb / S & C Precious Puppies, Gilman City, Missouri
  • David Zook /Green Valley Kennel, Seymour, Missouri

Nebraska: 8 dealers

  • Douglas and Mary Jane Brosh / Brosh’s Kennels, Pender, Nebraska
  • Brenda L. Carroll / Carroll Sell Farms, Plattsmouth, Nebraska
  • Clem Disterhaupt Jr. / Ponca Creek Kennels, Spencer, Nebraska
  • Clem L. Disterhaupt / Sandhills Kennel, Stuart, Nebraska
  • Mark J. Griesman / Prairie Chesapeakes, Wood River, Nebraska
  • Michael and Megan Kopf Jr. / Star Bullies, Dewitt, Nebraska
  • Roy T. Schrunk / Rocking T Kennel, Friend, Nebraska
  • Jo Ann Steiger / In God’s Hands Kennel, Randolph, Nebraska

New York: 7 dealers

  • Helen Camlakides/ Sportsman’s Kennels, Manorville, New York
  • Bridget Hewson/ ADK Puppy Patch, Childwold, New York
  • Marvin Martin Hoover/Shady Lane Kennel, Penn Yan, New York
  • James Leach/ Leach Sheep & Goat Station, Martville, New York
  • Joyce Martin / Seneca River Kennels (previously K & J Kennels), Waterloo, New York
  • Curtis Rist / Hudson Labradoodles, Hudson, New York
  • Alvin Shirk/ A & L Kennels, Dundee, New York

Ohio: 16 dealers

  • Ivan M. Barkman / Lone Pine Kennel, Baltic, Ohio
  • Eli D. Hostetler, Holmesville, Ohio
  • Daniel and James Miller / Happy Mountain K9 Facilities / Puppys R Us, Loudonville, Ohio
  • James E. Miller / Elite Puppies, Millersburg, Ohio
  • Joseph A. Miller / Horseshoe Kennel, Millersburg, Ohio
  • Joseph D. Miller, Millersburg, Ohio
  • Levi Nisley, Patriot, Ohio
  • Steven N. Sauder / Sandy Hill Kennel, Shiloh, Ohio
  • Lena and Michael Troyer / Spring Side Kennel, Baltic, Ohio
  • Wayne R. Troyer, Sugarcreek, Ohio
  • Ivan D. Weaver, Fredericksburg, Ohio
  • Andy E. Yoder / Backroad Kennel, Millersburg, Ohio
  • Jonathan J. Yoder, Millersburg, Ohio
  • Joseph M. Yoder, Fredericksburg, Ohio
  • Norman E. Yoder / Green Meadow Farm, Apple Creek, Ohio
  • David J. Yutzy, Millersburg, Ohio

Pennsylvania: 8 dealers

  • Jesse Esch / Pennsupreme Puppies, New Providence, Pennsylvania
  • John Esch / Stoney Brook Kennel, Coatesville, Pennsylvania
  • Benual Fisher / Walnut Run, Strasburg, Pennsylvania
  • Levi Kauffman / Hill Top Farm Kennel, Honey Brook, Pennsylvania
  • Crist Lapp / Meadow View Kennel, Ronks, Pennsylvania
  • Tina Schulties / Nicely’s Allstar Poms, Ligonier, Pennsylvania
  • Steven Stoltzfus / Sandy Hill Kennels, Parkesburg, Pennsylvania
  • Bobbie Yoder /Little Mountain Doodles, Myerstown, Pennsylvania

Tennessee: 1 dealer

  • Rebecca Vanmeter / Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagles and Bears, Collegedale / McDonald, Tennessee

Texas: 1 dealer

  • Vickie McKown/ Maltese Acres, Avery, Texas

Wisconsin: 1 dealer

  • Amos Allgyer / Pawfect Paws, Platteville, Wisconsin

This is the list of the parties that are involved with the puppy mills operation according to the HSUS report 2021.

What Kind of Methodology does HSUS use to determine a puppy mill?

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Many of the country’s worst puppy mills have not been identified due to various reasons including the varying legislation, weak enforcement, and inadequate information.

The facilities listed in the report were selected based upon a number of factors, which included but were not limited to:

  • Kennel inspection records and reports can be found by making public records requests.
  • USDA reports may include violations, explanations, and more.
  • If federal, state or county warnings/fines are available.
  • The number and severity of violations, especially those affecting animal safety and health, have an impact on how recent the violations occurred.
  • Sellers that are providing misleading or potentially fraudulent information to potential buyers of puppies.
  • Facilities facing issues that appear to affect the public interests are likely to be in the news.
  • The dealer was either listed in one of the HSUS’s prior reports or has accrued violations since then.
  • The availability of consumer complaints, investigation reports, photographs or news articles taken by HSUS investigators.
  • The facility appeared to be in operation or it had an active license at the time of publication.


Puppy mills are a serious problem that we’re currently facing and it is attributed to the huge demand for puppies.

The public needs to be made aware of how many dogs in their area might come from puppy mills and take action against them by being aware.

if you have found any puppy mill operation in your region, state, or anywhere, you can fill the USDA complaint form.

That way you can save more people and stop the puppy mill operations.

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