10 Best Dog Travel Hacks: How to Make Traveling with Your Dog Easier

Are you planning on taking your dog with you on your next vacation? If you’re a dog lover, then you know that taking your furry friend on vacation is a must.

Traveling with your dog can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a bit challenging. That’s why we’ve put together a list of 10 dog travel hacks to help make things easier for both you and your pup!

From packing tips to safety advice, we’ve got you covered with these life hacks for dogs when traveling. So pack your bags and get ready for some canine-friendly fun!

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1. Pet travel carriers on wheels

Do you see how this would be useful in a crowded airport or train station? And if you have a particularly large dog, some shops offer a larger size as well!

2. Tweezers, liquid soap, and cotton balls

If you’re visiting an area where your dog may get ticks, keep these on hand.

Tweezers, liquid soap, and cotton balls

Remove the tick by grabbing it at the head with a pair of tweezers and gradually pulling it off. Make sure you don’t leave it on the head.

After removing the tick, clean the infected area and wash your hands with soap.

3. Bring baking soda

This is a simple, low-cost solution to remove the pee stain from the carpet if your dog has an accident (which can happen to even well-trained dogs in a new setting).

Baking soda must be used to cure bee stings. It helps with the swelling or pain if your dog is stung while on vacation.

4. Give your pup some ice cubes

Ice cubes that are small enough to fit in your dog’s dish keep them hydrated while controlling their water intake.

Give your pup some ice cubes

This way, they’ll stay hydrated but the danger of a trip to vomit city is lessened.

5. Prepare waterproof and sealable Ziploc seals for dog’s ID info ID

You’re no stranger to spilled drinks when you travel–usually the worst possible time.

Now they’re all in one place for you to easily access and they won’t get wet and/or stained.

6. Have your pup look out the window

Dogs looking out the window tend to help motion sickness if they’re prone to it.

If you’re on a plane, get the cabin crew’s permission before bringing them out of their carrier.

Have your pup look out the window

If you’re in a car, open the window a crack (just a crack) so they can smell the scents on the air rushing by, which also combats motion sickness. Just make sure they can’t jump out. Plus, dogs love it.

7. Car Seats for Pups

These are also beneficial since they keep any undesirable shedding on your vehicle seat to a bare minimum. Second, they keep your pup secure and safe.

Third, many of them serve as little nests, which soothe a nervous dog if they’re in the car. Fourth, it keeps them from jumping in your lap.

8. Download a GPS Locator App for Pups

Download a GPS Locator App for Pups

Download one and then register your pup. Of course, your dog needs to have a chip or a collar with a sensor in it. Again, it’s better to be prepared for a possible crisis.

9. Have your pup exercise the day before they travel

An exercised pup means a tired pup. A tired pup means your pup is more likely to sleep. A sleeping pup means a nice, peaceful flight or rides with you.

10. Bring a pet fur squeegee

A squeegee comes in handy because dog hair gets everywhere.

A tiny hand-held window squeegee is an excellent method to remove dog fluff from hotel carpets and automobile upholstery.

Bring a pet fur squeegee

Easy to carry, easy to pack, and less mess on the go.

So, whether you’re hitting the open road or boarding a plane with your furry friend by your side, keep these ten hacks in mind and enjoy stress-free travel together.

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Do you have any of your dog travel tips to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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