Woman Scammed by Breeder, Her Puppy’s Fur Was Dyed Brown!

A woman was ecstatic when her family surprised her with a Maltipoo puppy for her birthday.

The pup was a red-brown male, and all the necessary vaccinations were up to date.

However, things took an unexpected turn when she realized something wasn’t right about the dog’s fur color after he started to shed his coat in patches.

How it all started

After several attempts to contact the breeder for clarification, the breeder stopped responding to texts and phone calls after the puppy arrived at home.

It comes with a great surprise that the puppy was a female, and her fur wasn’t supposed to be brown! If the woman had it to do again, she would have chosen a rescue dog instead.

Scammers deceive puppy lovers.

Right away, the woman had her suspicions as to where Porter originally came from.

She was supposed to be eight weeks old, but she appeared to be very underweight and weak.

The breeder also failed to provide Porter’s mother with vaccination records as promised. So she took the puppy to the vet right away.

Actual Maltipoo
Photo of an actual Maltipoo

A Maltipoo is a hybrid between a Maltese terrier and a poodle.

“We were informed she was 8 weeks old, yet she seemed weak and slept all day,” according to the owner.

Despite the breeder’s claims, Porter is a female.

According to the vet, Porter isn’t a Maltese/Poodle mix and has never been vaccinated.

She was most likely only four to five weeks old, too young for a breeder to sell a puppy.

The cost of a genuine Porter’s “fake” coloring Maltipoo is exceptionally pricey, which costs between $800 and over $2,500.

How scammers lure prospective puppy buyers

When Porter’s mother did more research, she learned that puppy scams nowadays are pretty typical.

Illegal breeders usually keep their dogs in inhumane conditions and frequently sell sick puppies. Aside from that, they mislead buyers about the breed and age of the pups.

Some will even color the puppy’s coat to make them more appealing.

When Porter’s mother saw how her hair had grown, she realized it must have been dyed as well.

“I later found out that many puppy traffickers are selling sick puppies who often dye them to make them appear another color and breed, and also sold with fake vaccination records,” the owner added.

Porter was not abandoned.

While puppy coats tend to have a variety of colors as they mature, Porter’s was particularly unusual.

She had a dark red-brown color as a puppy, but white patches appeared on her fur, especially around her face as she grew older.

Porter has an entirely white coat now that she is full-grown. She is also much larger than a Maltipoo is supposed to be, but her mother continues to adore her regardless.

She has learned her lesson and will be more cautious in the future when it comes to where her family and friend get their dogs from. For others, it is essential to ask questions to a local breeder before committing.

Do your research on dog selling.

It’s also critical not to buy a puppy from an online breeder or pet shop. Of course, adoption from a shelter or rescue is the most excellent option.

It’s terrible that some breeders scam others for profit, but Porter is fortunate because she is healthy and lives with a great family.

Not all dogs in her situation are as fortunate, especially the pups involved in sick dog selling.


It turns out that the pup was a white Maltipoo with no necessary dog vaccination. The breeder had dyed his fur brown, which is illegal in most states due to safety concerns of hair dye on skin and paws.

If an unethical buyer or seller has scammed you, don’t hesitate to contact your local police department for assistance.

They can help get justice for this woman who has yet again fallen victim to puppy scam suspects looking for quick cash at any cost.

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