Oklahoma Animal Shelter

Reported Scammer:

This puppy scammer has been reported to us by our PetPress community members.  We have included information from that person that shows what their experience was and redacted any private information.

Company Name of Scammer: Oklahoma Animal Shelter
Scammers Website: https://m.facebook.com/profile.php/?id=100082955457785
Name of Scammer Used: Joseph casel
Email Address Used: [email protected]
Scammers Physical Address: Durant, Oklahoma is what the web page said

Details about the Scam: I was not scammed thankfully. This is a person who first asked for $810 and then asked what I could afford after I told him it was out of my budget.

Then I said I could do half that much and he accepted the offer of $350. The website promotes itself as an animal shelter but if you look at all the dogs, they are specific breeds and cute pictures.

He sent me several more cute photos as well. Very wordy emails. Wanted $250 to “start the paperwork”.

Really wanted to use his “delivery service” to send me the dog, it’s toys, food, bed and leash. His mom died, it was her dog…

He stopped answering my emails when I said I would pay him when I picked the puppy up, that was the only way I would buy the dog, and that my niece had just been scammed trying to buy a dog.

There’s more, but these were the red flags to me. The site should be closed, it isn’t a shelter. I could not add photos because it won’t accept jpegs.

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