7 Interesting Facts About Corgis That You Did Not Know

Corgi is taking over the world! And all because they have cute, fluffy booty. No matter how strange it sounds, this is true. Naturally, in addition to the dearest rear of these dogs, excellent intelligence and a golden character.

#1 Two types of Welsh Corgis

There are two types of Сorgi - welsh Сorgi Pembroke and cardigan. They are considered two completely different breeds because they come from different ancestors. Few people know that Welsh Corgi cardigan is “marked” with records dating back to 1200 BC. The similarity of dogs is the result of crossbreeding practiced in the 19th century.


The most noticeable difference between a Рembroke and a Сardigan is the presence of a tail, a Рembroke does not.

Welsh Corgi Pembrokes are almost always born without a tail. Very rarely in the litters appear, short-tailed babies, which is not considered a marriage. Even the Welsh Сardigan has rounded ears, and the Pembroke has pointed ears.

#3 Corgis

The name of the breed comes from the Welsh language. “Cor” means “dwarf”, and “Gi” means “dog”, so every time we pronounce the name of this breed, we actually say “Dwarf dog”.


Corgis are excellent watchmen, they are vigilant, attentive and decisive. Even in a dream, the dog is sensitive to extraneous sounds and smells. It is known that back in the 10th-century Corgis were used as service dogs.


In those days, pastures were considered common land, so no one set up fences. To prevent the owner’s cattle from escaping and mixing with other people's animals, the herds grazed Сorgi.

#6 Corgi presented to people by fairies

Folklore suggests that Corgi was used in a fairy kingdom! Fairies used dogs as horses and that is why there is a “saddle” in the color of dogs. It is believed that the fairies gave the Corgi to people for their respect for nature, and when the mood of the people changed, it was too late to pick up the gift.

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