7 Interesting Facts About Corgis That You Did Not Know


Corgis were highly respected for their dedication and hard work. It is known that in those days, dogs were not kept at a loss, but the Corgi completely “beat off” the financial costs of their maintenance.

#14 Corgis are the favorites of the royal family

Queen Elizabeth II had over 30 Corgis throughout her life. The last two pets (Whisper and Willow) have recently passed away. At the moment, the queen has two mestizoes Сorgi and Dachshunds (Candy and Volcano).


The Queen acquired her first Corgi in 1933. A puppy (male) appeared in the royal house at the behest of King George VI. The puppy was named Duki, he immediately became the favorite of the future Queen Elizabeth and her sister Margaret.

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