7 Interesting Facts About Corgis That You Did Not Know


Myths say that Corgi sees magical creatures, so the expression in their eyes is so funny and at the same time-wise.

#8 Corgi has a special coat

Corgi has double woolly flaws. After regrowth, the fur coat becomes waterproof and windproof. Despite the density of the coat, it needs almost no care. The hairs have a natural protective coating, so the dog stays clean. In the spring, like all dogs, Corgi needs to be combed out.


Different colors are allowed by breed standards, although people are accustomed to only red dogs. Corgi Pembroke and cardigan are fundamentally different in color. Cardigans are really almost all red, and Pembrokes can be sable, tricolor, brown, black, tiger, fawn with white spots and/or merle (pockmarked color).

#10 Corgi – Husky’s Relatives

Unexpectedly, right? Stately leggy Husky and dwarf Corgi, in fact, brothers. A common feature of both breeds is determination.

#11 Corgis are as stubborn and indefatigable as husky, although they can not pull the sled and are poorly oriented in high snow. Husky, like Corgi, was once used for grazing, but in their submission, there were no cows, but deer. Corgi is a small, but multi-functional, a service dog.

#12 Corgis are Viking favorites

Corgi cardigan is considered one of the oldest shepherd breeds. According to the most conservative estimates, the breed has existed for more than 3000 years! Pembrokes “settled” in Wales, and they “came” there with caring owners - the Vikings. Despite the lively temper, the Vikings revered their pets.

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