What Happened When You Decide To Adopt Or Rehome A Pet From A Scammer

Most people would like to have a pet in their household since a home without a pet is lonesome and boring. Puppy is one of the popular pet choices that most people would like to have. That’s why no wonder many people get scammed out of fake puppies that never existed. 

You might encounter a scammer online, from a website or social media that sells a cute pet, especially puppies, that you want. But you are afraid if the seller is legit or a scammer, and you start to ask many questions in your head. 

And here are some frequently asked questions about adopting a pet scam.


Is it possible that people scam for a fake pet?

Yes, it is possible!. And pet scam cases are increasing every year. There were so many people that have lost hundreds even thousands of dollars for a pet that never existed.

Am I going to get the pet that I bought from a scammer? 

Unfortunately no, you won’t get the cute pet you want. But in case you get yours, mostly the condition of your pet is horrible and may die in a short amount of time

How does the scammer scam people out of a fake pet?

Most scammers will post a cute pet with a “ too good to be true” offer to grab an animal lover’s attention. Once you send your money, you’ll never get the puppy as promised. 

When you are interested in buying a pet from a scammer, they keep pursuing you with an irresistible offer, even sending a fake document to make you believe. Once you send your money, they will keep asking you for more money. That’s why all the victims might have lost thousands of dollars due to the additional charges that the scammers made. 

What does the scammer promise to make you interested to buy?

Most scammers or fake breeders have similar tactics when it comes to making an irresistible offer. They set up an attractive website or social media to gain trust or saying that they are going to move and looking for someone to take care of their pet (mostly dog) for free or at a cheap price. 

And once you are interested and start asking for more details about the pet, they just send you a bunch of images of the pet (they took from the internet) and make excuses so you won’t see the pet in person. 

And due to the pandemic, people can’t go anywhere they want, and this is the golden opportunity for scammers to run their operations. That’s why the statistics of pet scammer cases have increased in 2020. 

So whenever you come across a “good to be true” pet advertising, you should be more careful and check for the details of the seller or breeder that makes the offer. 

What are the additional charges that the scammer came up with to take your money more?


Once you agree to adopt or buy a pet from a scammer or fake breeder, it’s just the beginning of your nightmare.  They will charge you more money to cover “unexpected fees” that they don’t know about when they are going to ship your cute pet. 

There are many additional fees that they want you to pay such as shipping, neutering, shots, etc, that will be the requirements of your pet’s shipping or importing your dog

And when you decide not to pay the additional charges, most scammers will threaten you by saying that they are going to report you to the police for animal abandonment. That way you won’t have any way out but to pay them more and you will keep losing your money. 

So, before any of that happens to you, it’s probably best to take your time to do more research about the seller or breeder, so you won’t end up losing all of your money in your bank account.


Once you decide to bring a cute pet to your household, don’t easily trust a “good to be true” advertising you found on the internet. Make sure to run your own research on the seller thoroughly, so you won’t get scammed. 

When you agree to adopt or buy a pet from a scammer, you will lose your money even more than predicted since they have many ways to drain your bank account.
And lastly, if you have been scammed, make sure to collect all the proofs you can get and report to the police about the pet scam.

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