Top 14 TikTok Dog Accounts You Have To Follow


Everyone loves dogs due to their cuteness and loyal behavior. They also act silly sometimes, which will make you smile and laugh. That’s why you can find there are tons of dog video content that gets shared on the internet, including TikTok. 

You can also find the popular dog breed on TikTok that has been viewed by billions of people since they are so cute and adorable that you can’t ignore them. 

There are billions of people that are using TikTok and sharing their cute dogs, from a funny video to a heartwarming story. If you are a TikTok user, these are dog accounts that you should follow that has millions of followers, according to

#1 Jiffpom – 20,900,000 Followers

Jiffpom is the most popular pomeranian dog breed on social media. He also made appearances in some of Katy Perry's videos, Ariana Grande and some celebrities as well.

#2 Tucker Budzyn – 7,900,000 Followers

Tucker Budzyn is a famous Golden Retriever on social media, but he's no longer with us since he was dead on 19th January 2021.

#3 What about Bunny – 5,900,000 Followers

Her actual name is Bunny and she is a popular Sheepadoodle who gained her fame through her TikTok account whataboutbunny. Her first video got viewed million times after she literally says "Hi" on the video. 

#4 Doug The Pug – 5,800,000 Followers

Doug the Pug is a popular pug breed who has large followers on social media and reached the status of a " celebrity dog". he appeared with many celebrities. 

#5 Mayapolarbear – 4,800,000 Followers

Mayapolarbear is a samoyed dog breed that gained her famous through Instagram of funny videos and memes. She also has been seen doing tricks with treats.

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