Top 14 TikTok Dog Accounts You Have To Follow

#11 Gus Gus In The City – 1,000,000 Followers

Gus Gus is a French bulldog dog breed that has been shared lifestyle, comedy, and meme-related social media content. He has been a brand ambassador for Solid Gold Pet products. His owner has worked as a model and actor.

#12 Balou Blue – 848,800 Followers

Balou blue is a French bulldog dog breed that best known for the cute TikTok videos that are posted to the account. He also is a father to 12 puppies. 

#13 Maymo The Dog – 245,100 Followers

Maymo is a Beagle dog breed who posts new photos of him in different costumes every Wednesday. 

#14 Buddy The Dappled Dachshund – 231, 300 Followers

He is a breed of a longhaired miniature dachshund. He attended a dog brunch alongside other famous canines in August 2019. 

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