Top 14 TikTok Dog Accounts You Have To Follow

#6 Sushi Said – 2,800,000 Followers

Sushi the dog is a cockapoo dog breed that got famous for the first time on Instagram in March 2016. Her account featuring lifestyle, comedy and costume-related content.

#7 Lifewithkleekai – 2,500,000 Followers

Lifewithkleekai is got popular for the first time on Instagram with lifestyle, comedy and family-oriented content. He shares his social media accounts with his dog sibling and a fellow Alaskan Klee Kai, Skye.

#8 Coco The Maltese Dog – 2,500,000 Followers

Coco is a Maltese dog breed that popular and becomes a celebrity on social media. she went viral after one of her videos was reposted by The Ellen Show's Instagram account.

#9 Fluffyface Enzo – 1,400,000 Followers

Fluffyface Enzo is a Samoyed dog breed. His photos were first posted to his Instagram account in March 2017. A TikTok account was launched for him in September 2018 and it earned the verification crown.

#10 Mini Doodle Bentley – 1,100,000 Followers

American Goldendoodle has gained a major following on his minidoodlebentle account. He has been a brand ambassador for Clive and Bacon. He has also been sponsored by Pet Plate.

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