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Wolves and dogs are the same since they belong to the same species, canine species. But, they have different temperaments and behavior where wolves are considered wild animals and hardly trained, not like dogs. Some people might consider keeping a wolf as an exotic pet since it’s not common to have a pet wolf. But you should remember, though wolves are trainable like dogs, they just are not responsive as dogs. Even so, giving them a name would train them how to respond to your calling. If you are looking for wolf names, we’ve covered all the best wolf names that can inspire you to name your pet wolf.

Best Wolf Names

wolf names

Wolves are known to be wild and deadly beasts so it’s not recommended to have one as a pet. Although people love using wolf names for a pet dog, so here are the best 500+ wolf names for both males and females. To make it more interesting, we have included some names with meaning.

Powerful and Strong Wolf Names

wolf 1

Wolves are powerful, beautiful, and wild animals. If you’re looking for one tough wolf name for your pet, then consider this list of over 120 powerful and strong wolf names.

Top Male Wolf Names

male wolf names

These winter warriors run in packs and their lives are full of legends and myths. So here is the list of male wolf names that are perfect for both wolves and wolf-like dogs.

Top Female Wolf Names


If we have male wolf names, then we wouldn’t count out the top female wolf names too. These are 140 of the best female wolf names.

Top Famous Wolf Names

famous wolf names for naming a wolf

Sebastian, the wolf from the animated movie, Zookeeper is a famous wolf name. So here are other suggestions which include over 30 famous wolf names from TV shows and animated movies.

Top White Wolf Names

white wolf names

The white wolf is a very special creature. They look impressive. If you meet one, you will have both bone-chilling and breathtaking feelings. But if you own one, we would like to recommend one of the following white wold names.

Top Black Wolf Names

black wolf names

The black wolf is a very special creature because it said that the black color is not a natural color of the wolves, which means there was mixed genetics between a wolf and a dark fur dog. But having black fur surely is exotic for wolves, so if you have a pet black wolf, here are our recommended name ideas to name your black wolf.

Top Native American Wolf Names

wolf names for naming a wolf

If you own a true wolf or a wolf-like dog, giving a name can become a challenge. These majestic creatures demand powerful, strong, loyal names. Or you can use as inspiration their appearance and give your wolf one of the following Native American names.

Names That Mean ‘Wolf’

names meaning wolf

Wolves are known as winter warriors who run in packs and live their lives full of legends and myths. If you have a wolf as a pet, you might wonder what is the perfect name for a wolf? In this article, we’ve covered all the best name ideas to inspire you. Let’s look at some of them!

Wolf Names in Mythology

wolf names in mythology - featured

It is always interesting to learn about wolves and how they are mentioned in mythological facts and history. So we’ve compiled over 30 mythological wolf names and their meanings for you to choose from. These are indeed cool wolf name ideas for a pet.

Funny Wolf Names

funny wolf names

We can’t always give wolves or pets a serious or powerful name. We should also look at their happy side. So we gathered 40 funny wolf names for naming a wolf or any other pet.

Evil Wolf Names

evil wolf names

Of course, wolves are known to be powerful, brave, protective, and scary wild animals at times. So it is inevitable that there are evil wolf names in the internet and people loves these types of names.

Gaelic Wolf Names

gaelic wolf names

The Gaelic language has been used as names for pets and has a unique meaning for each. We’ve compiled over 40 Gaelic wolf names that are really interesting and that you should consider for naming a wolf or another pet.

Japanese Wolf Names

japanese wolf names

Another language to consider for naming a wolf is the Japanese language. These Japanese wolf names have very fruitful and unique meanings that you have never heard of before.


What is a good name for a male wolf? 

Knight would be a perfect name for a male wolf due to its brave behavior. We also like Leo, Arctos, or Kiba to name a male wolf. 

What is a good name for a female wolf?

A name like Luna would be a good name for a female wolf which means moon because they are howling during night time. We also like Uma, Skye, or Aurora.

What are famous names for wolves? 

There are many famous wolf names inspired by movies like Jacob “ Twilight”, Ryder “ True Blood”, or Raksha “The Jungle Book”.


Wolves are an exotic animal that’s not common to keep as a pet though they belong to the Canidae family with the dogs. It’s really hard to find people that are willing to keep a wolf as a pet due to their wild instinct and are hardly trainable. But if you have one it would be awesome since they are a majestic creature full of myths and it’s not that everyone is able to tame them. Hopefully, this article inspired you to find a perfect name for your pet wolf. Also, we have a wolf name generator to help you create a wolf name based on your preference and several questions.

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