12 Dog Holidays in 2022 That Every Pet Owner Needs to Know

2022 is shaping up to be a great year for dog owners! Several dog holidays are coming up that you don’t want to miss.

From National Walk Your Dog Day to National Dog Day, there’s something for everyone. In this blog post, we will list the top 12 dog holidays in 2022 and tell you what you need to know about them.

To make it more exciting, these 12 holidays are what we think are the best dog holidays for each month of the year. We have also included a list of other important days in each month.

So mark your calendars and get ready to celebrate with your furry friend!

12 Dog Holidays in 2022

Here are the top 12 dog holidays that you should know about for each month:

January 24: Change a Pet’s Life Day

This holiday is dedicated to shelter and rescue dogs in recognition of the millions of canines that are abandoned in shelters each year. Whether you’ve decided to adopt a dog or simply want to volunteer or contribute to your local animal shelter, there are several options for assisting dogs in need of a good home.

January 24 - Change a Pet’s Life Day

Other January Dog Holidays:

February 20: Love Your Pet Day

Rewarding your dog with something they’ll love is something that they would appreciate and keep them happy for a long time! On Love Your Pet Day, we should honor the unique connection between you and your pet by offering extra chewy treats and plenty of cuddles.

February 20 - Love Your Pet Day

Other February Dog Holidays:

  • Pet Dental Health Month
  • Dog Training Education Month
  • National Prevent a Litter Month
  • Responsible Pet Owners Month
  • February 2nd – National Golden Retriever Day
  • February 7th -14th – Have a Heart for Chained Dogs Week
  • February 10th -11th – Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show
  • February 14th – Pet Theft Awareness Day
  • February 22nd – National Walk Your Dog Day
  • February 23rd – International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day
  • February 25th – World Spay Day

March 23: National Puppy Day

“Happiness is a warm puppy,” according to cartoonist Charles M. Schulz, and we couldn’t agree more! National Puppy Day also promotes adoption for pups all around the world in addition to recognizing the love puppies provide. Celebrate by donating to your local animal shelter or rescue. If you want to go back in time, scroll down through some adorable photos of your pup!

March 23 - National Puppy Day

Other March Dog Holidays:

  • March 3rd – If Pets Had Thumbs Day
  • March 5th – 8th – Crufts. Held in Birmingham, England, this is the world’s largest dog show
  • March 13th – National K9 Veterans Day
  • March 30th – Take a Walk in the Park Day

April 11: Dog Therapy Appreciation Day

Therapy dogs, like service dogs, go through a lot of training in order to comfort those who need healing and care. Support your local therapy dog organization or tell a story on social media about a therapy animal who has affected you or a loved one to honor these unique animals.

April 11 - Dog Therapy Appreciation Day

Other April Dog Holidays:

  • Canine Fitness Month
  • National Adopt a Greyhound Month
  • National Pet First Aid Awareness Month
  • Prevention of Cruelty To Animals Month
  • National Pet Month – UK
  • April 8th – National Dog Fighting Awareness Day
  • April 11th – National Pet Day
  • April 21st – Bulldogs are Beautiful Day
  • April 24th – National Pet Parents Day
  • April 25th – International Guide Dog Day
  • April 26th – National Kids and Pets Day
  • April 30th – National Therapy Animal Day
  • April 30th – Adopt a Shelter Pet Day

May 20: National Rescue Dog Day

This holiday focuses on the millions of dogs who are given to shelters every year, pushing for animal adoption and promoting spay and neuter programs. Dedicate this day to your local animal shelter or rescue by donating, fostering a dog in need, or adopting a homeless dog. These are just some options for commemorating this holiday.

May 20 - National Rescue Dog Day

Other May Dog Holidays:

  • Chip Your Pet Month
  • Pet Cancer Awareness Month
  • National Pet Month
  • May 1st – National Purebred Dog Day
  • May 3rd – National Specially-Abled Pets Day
  • May 3rd – 9th – National Pet Week
  • May 4th -10th – Puppy Mill Action Week (Learn about the shocking puppy mill statistics that are truly devastating)
  • May 7th – National Dog Mom’s Day
  • May 9th – National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day
  • May 14th – International Chihuahua Appreciation Day

June 21: Dog Party Day

This is the most exciting paw-ty occasion! Dog Party Day was created to give our adorable dogs a unique day to relax and play with other furry friends. Invite your dog’s furry pals and their pet parents for a fun-filled day of goodies, games, and romping!

June 21 - Dog Party Day

Other June Dog Holidays:

  • National Pet Preparedness Month
  • June 7th – 13th – Pet Appreciation Week
  • June 9th – World Pet Memorial Day
  • June 22nd – 26th – Take Your Pet to Work Week
  • June 26th – Take Your Dog to Work Day

July 11: All-American Pet Photo Day

Snap a few social-worthy selfies of your dog enjoying the summer or participating in an Independence Day photo session. Here are some cool suggestions for how to take pet photos!

July 11 - All-American Pet Photo Day

Other July Dog Holidays:

  • National Lost Pet Prevention Month
  • National Pet Hydration Awareness Month
  • Dog House Repair Month
  • July 5th – Pet Remembrance Day
  • July 15th – National Pet Fire Safety Day
  • July 21st – No Pet Store Puppies Day
  • July 26th – National Dog Photography Day – UK
  • July 27th – Aug 3rd National Feed a Rescue Pet Week
  • July 31st – National Mutt Day

August 26: National Dog Day

This day is dedicated to dogs regardless of their breed, background, and personality. The purpose of the holiday is to draw attention to the many dogs who need to be saved yearly and to appreciate the ways all pups bring comfort and security. There are lots of methods to show your gratitude, whether it’s giving your dog a unique massage or helping at the local animal shelter.

August 26 - National Dog Day

Other August Dog Holidays:

  • August 2nd – 8th – International Assistance Dog Week
  • August 5th – Work Like a Dog Day
  • August 10th – Spoil Your Dog Day
  • August 15th – National Check the Chip Day
  • August 16th – International Homeless Animals’ Day
  • August 23rd – International Blind Dog Day

September 28: World Rabies Day

More than 59,000 people die from rabies each year in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. World Rabies Day is dedicated to raising public awareness about this preventable disease and educating pet owners on what vaccines their dogs require. Make sure your dog is up to date on their shots.

September 28 - World Rabies Day

Other September Dog Holidays:

  • National Service Dog Month
  • National Pet Insurance Month
  • Responsible Dog Ownership Month
  • Pet Sitter Education Month
  • September 13th – National Hug Your Hound Day
  • September 13th – National Pet Memorial Day
  • September 20th – 26th – National Dog Week
  • September 20th – 26th – Deaf Dog Awareness Week
  • September 23rd – Dogs in Politics Day
  • September 28th – World’s Largest Pet Walk

October 1: National Black Dog Day

Unfortunately, many dogs go unadopted because of their color. National Black Dog Day is a day to recognize both black and dark-colored dogs and the importance of finding them homes. Consider adopting a black dog if you’re considering adding a four-legged companion to your household.

October 1 - National Black Dog Day

Other October Dog Holidays:

  • Adopt-A-Dog Month
  • Adopt a Shelter Dog Month
  • National Animal Safety and Protection Month
  • National Pet Wellness Month
  • National Pit Bull Awareness Month
  • October 1st – 7th – National Walk Your Dog Week
  • October 1st – National Fire Pup Day
  • October 4th – World Animal Day
  • October 10th – National Pet Obesity Awareness Day
  • October 24th – National Pit Bull Awareness Day

November 7: National Canine Lymphoma Awareness Day 

Lymphoma is a relatively common cancer in dogs, and it kills many pets each year. Learn the symptoms of canine lymphoma and raise awareness for this disease.

November 7 - National Canine Lymphoma Awareness Day

Other November Dog Holidays:

  • Adopt a Senior Pet Month
  • Pet Diabetes Month
  • November 1st – National Cook for Your Pets Day
  • November 4th – 10th – National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week
  • November 14th – National Dog Show (check our cool blog post about the winners of the National Dog Show in the previous years)

December 2: National Mutt Day (also on July 31st)

Just as we celebrate many holidays and cultures, National Mutt Day encourages us to appreciate dogs with distinct backgrounds this time of year. Because most dogs are mixed breeds, we celebrate this holiday twice a year to raise attention about these often-helpless creatures.

December 2 - National Mutt Day

Other December Dog Holidays:

  • December 5th – Celebrate Shelter Pets Day

There you have it – the 12 dog holidays that every pet owner should know about. Mark your calendars, and be sure to spoil your furry friend this year! 

And if you’re looking for more ways to show your pup some love, be sure to check out our blog for tons of great tips and tricks.

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